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Handling of personal information

This website collects information about users of the site within limits required for smooth operation of the services provided (provision of information via the website, receipt of opinions, etc.). Collection, use, and management of personal information on the site is based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information (21 December 1990, Ordinance No. 113, hereafter "the Ordinance"). The owners and administrators of this site work to create web pages that can be used safely and securely by all, handling personal information in an appropriate manner, as follows.

Definition of personal information

Personal information is information that makes possible the identification of an individual, such as a person's name, address, telephone number and e-mail address received by Tokyo Metropolitan Government via this website.

Collection of personal information

Tokyo Metropolitan Government collects personal information through this website only when that information is voluntarily provided (registered) by the user. Personal information is collected only as far as necessary for a clearly indicated purpose.


Information that identifies individuals is collected as required to ensure smooth operation of the relevant activity including handling applications to participate in the relevant activity and inquiries from users via this site.
Personal information is also collected as judged necessary within the limits of operating this activity including replying to inquiries, provision of information about participation to those who apply to participate, and notifications.

Limitations on use of personal information

Personal information provided (registered) by users will be used only for the purpose clearly indicated beforehand. Personal information will not be used by website managers for purposes other than those clearly indicated. Such information will never be supplied to parties other than the relevant implementing bodies unless otherwise specified by the Ordinance.

Management of personal information

Personal information collected is strictly managed by website managers and appropriate measures are taken to prevent leaks, misappropriation, and falsification. While operation of this website may be outsourced, subcontractors will take the same appropriate measures.

User information that does not include personal information

This website automatically collects information including internet domain names, IP addresses, and the viewing environment of the site (hereafter ""user information"").
The user information collected is limited to data for the purpose of improving the site's usability and is used only for this purpose. However, statistically processed information about access to the site and data concerning viewing environments may be publicly published.

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