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Tokyo Animation Business Accelerator | Support for animation production companies aspiring to succeed in the international market

Tokyo Animation Business Accelerator:
Project Outline

Tokyo is home to a thriving animation industry, but much of its highly creative output is unknown outside of Japan.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government wants to change all that. And that's why we have been supporting the efforts of these very creative teams and promoting the Tokyo animation industry to join MIFA.

We can open the door to an entire rainbow of Tokyo talent that is not represented in the global animation market. Unique and technically outstanding, they have so much to offer. We do hope you'll take this chance to work with them!

Tokyo Animation Pitch Grand Prix: Outline

Results from the 14th of Feb, 2019

In the Tokyo Animation Pitch Grand Prix, participants showcased the advanced know-how and skills, that had acquired through a series of seminars and workshops.

Entrants competed for prize money and the opportunity to exhibit their animation work in overseas markets. The winning companies have now taken their first steps toward gaining global recognition.

Top Prize Winners

Name of Company Address Project/Production Title
Gorilla Co., Ltd. Higashikurume-shi The top loft
ZENTOY(Yu Nagasaki) Toshima-ku a Lion Life
Flying Ship Studio Inc. Nakano-ku Chiruta & Chanlula

Prize Winners

Name of Company Address Project/Production Title
TAKA KATO Suginami-ku Maggy’s Mission
GRIOT GROOVE Inc. Chiyoda-ku Deep Hunter

(Note) Companies are listed in the order of Japanese syllabary.

Our exhibitors in 2019

MIFA 2019 Tokyo Booth Outline

  • The venue
  • Territory Focus
  • Business meetings at exhibition booth (2018)
Exhibition: Marché international du film d'animation (MIFA)
Date: June 11-14, 2019 (four days)
Location: Booth 4.A01.
Impérial Palace, Annecy, France
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About MIFA Tokyo Booth: In addition to exhibiting properties, the Tokyo Animation Business Accelerator facilitates business progress by arranging negotiations, offering pitch session support and more.
About Tokyo Pitch Session: Tokyo Metropolitan Government teamed again with MIFA 2019 to present its forth Tokyo Pitch Session taking place on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at Impérial Palace Ravel. Six celebrated Tokyo-based animation studios – Taka Kato, GRIOT GROOVE Inc., Gorilla Co., Ltd., ZENTOY, DURIAN Inc. and Flying Ship Studio Inc. – will showcase their newest works at the pitch event.
About MIFA: The industry wing of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, MIFA is the largest trade show for animation in the world. Representatives of the animation industry from over 70 countries assemble at MIFA to discuss co-production, purchasing, sales and distribution.

In 2018, approximately 1,700 companies, organizations(+20% compared to 2017) and 3,800 visitors from 75 countries and regions attended MIFA which ended successfully.

MIFA 2019 Location map

Please come to Tokyo booth 4.A01!

MIFA2019 Location map